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Outside of BBB 24, Rakolo says she was not invited to the Globo program

Outside of BBB 24, Rakolo says she was not invited to the Globo program

Former BBB 24 Ráculo posted a video on social media stating that she was not invited to guest on “Domingão com Huck.” During the program, which usually hosts the contestant of the week, the broadcaster did not explain the reason for the absence of his former sister.

“I wasn't invited to participate in the program, okay? Although in the end it seemed like I didn't want to go, in fact the invitation never came to me,” the Espiritu Santo native revealed in a post published shortly after the attraction was shown.

“It wasn't on my agenda to participate in the program. I didn't stop going because I didn't want to. It's because I wasn't really invited. So, Luciano Huck, when the proposal comes up and the invitation arrives, obviously it will be my pleasure to be part of the program.” “.

He was still a fan of Luciano Huck's work and his show, but criticized the tone of one of the Sunday program's segments about participating in the reality show. “Yes, I was uncomfortable with the narrative about plants that people were making, the jokes,” the woman from Espiritu Santo concluded.

What happened in “Domingão com Huck”

Eliminated from the final week of Big Brother Brasil, Ráculo did not participate in the attraction as usual. In the reality show, comedian Diogo Defanti took to the streets carrying a vase with a plant, indicating that it is a “plant” at home and interacting with the audience on the street.

After the VT presentation, Luciano Huck did not directly explain the reason for his absence. “I wanted to blow Rakolo a kiss. Sorry for the jokes. If you'd like to participate one day, you'd be most welcome on this stage,” the presenter announced.

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“I wish you good luck, a lot of light on your way, you are a very nice girl, may God light your way. Shout out to Raquel who left Paige this week,” the program leader concluded.

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