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Anderson, from Moligo, recorded the music three days before he was admitted to hospital in a serious condition

Anderson, from Moligo, recorded the music three days before he was admitted to hospital in a serious condition

Fans of Leonardo Anderson, 51, were surprised by the news that the singer, Five days after his release, He was admitted to hospital again and is in serious condition. The artist, who suffers from cancer in the thigh area, was admitted to a private hospital in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday (24) after his health condition worsened.

Last Thursday (21), Anderson was in the recording studio With singer and percussionist Nenny Brown, his son, also a musician, Leosenio Braddock, as well as producers Chavis Jr. and Diogo Caetano.

a ItataiaThe artist's advisor explained that he was there for “new work” that had nothing to do with Molejo.

Anderson even posted videos of himself having fun on social media. “Caboclo samba. So it's really good. Don't mess with us…” he said then. The artist was also honored by his son. “It sounds like TBT, but it's not. Who knows, maybe he'll do it live…”

Anderson Health

On March 19, Anderson Leonardo was discharged after 21 days in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro. The singer is treating cancer in the groin area.

After leaving the place, he recorded in the studio and appeared happily in videos on social media. However, on Sunday (24th), five days after his discharge, he was transferred to the hospital again.

According to the artist's press office, Anderson is in serious condition and needs “prayers.”

Report from Itataia He has contacted the artist's advisors and is awaiting further information about his condition.

Inguinal region

The inguinal area is located in “the groin, where the end of the abdomen meets the beginning of the thigh,” explains Dr. Flavio Mavenier Carcano, a specialist in genitourinary cancer at the Oncoclinica Hospital, in Belo Horizonte.

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“This is an area where there is a channel under the skin through which important structures pass. “Among them, there are lymph nodes, which are structures found throughout the body and act as biological filters as part of the immune system,” he adds.

The doctor explains that in Anderson's case, there could be many possibilities, making it difficult to say what to “expect from this treatment.”

Understand treatments, treatment opportunities and more details about the disease here.

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