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Ottaviano Costa faces a marathon to promote a cooking competition - Prisma

Ottaviano Costa faces a marathon to promote a cooking competition – Prisma

Ottaviano Costa will take on a marathon by SBT programs to promote the launch of the reality gastronomic show “Cozinhe se pode – Mestres da Sabotage”, now under his command, which will air again at 7, 10:30 p.m. With a strategy already set, he will appear on taped and live shows to talk about his return to television and the expectations surrounding this project, which have now been rephrased.

Ottaviano will visit attractions such as “Domingo Legal”, “A Praça é Nossa”, “Eliana”, “The Noite com Danilo Gentili” and “Programa Silvio Santos with Patrícia Abravanel”, among others to promote the attraction. In all, Flávia’s husband, Alessandra, will be responsible for 13 episodes of “Cozinhe se pode” that are already fully taped and ready to show on Saturday nights. Discovery Networks is a partner in this endeavour.

“Cozinhe se pode” is a gastronomic contest and has already been produced 15 seasons in the United States, seven of which have already been shown in Brazil. In each program, four chefs compete for a prize of up to 25,000 Brazilian reais. Competitors compete in three qualifying rounds and only one of them leaves with money in his pocket. In fact, with the rest of it.

During the competition, many auctions are held for very unusual products and components and the highest bidder will be able to sabotage one of the competitors. At the end of each tasting, chef Giuseppe Girondino evaluates the dishes and chooses the worst, not having the slightest idea what happened in the kitchen. On the fifth, SBT will hold the program’s press conference.

movie theater

Paris Filmes has scheduled the premiere of “45 do Segundo Tempo” in theaters on June 2. The cast includes Tony Ramos, Cassio Gabos Mendes, Ari Franca, Denis Fraga, Felipe Braganca and Luiz Cardoso. In the plot, the story of Pedro Baresi (Tony), purple palm and owner of the traditional Italian canteen Baresi.

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He loves football, loves Italian cuisine and loves his homeland in Calabresa, but financial difficulties and lack of hope make him think about his existence.


Dalton Fig, Otto in “Poliana Moça”, will have a long journey in recordings, because SBT productions already have an overlooked characteristic of the work.

However, the actor who is fluent in English, has taught classes, and is highly sought after for production in a foreign language. For now, the priority is the novel.


As of the 27th, at 10:30 p.m., Marcos Myon will be in charge of the daily reality show “Túnel do Amor” on Multishow, increasing his appearance in the video.

He was already driving the Calderao on Saturdays on Globo.


“Túnel do Amor” brings together ten pairs of friends, they will be divided into two houses, with the aim of choosing the perfect partner for the date, each for his partner.

The program will also be available to Globoplay subscribers.

On-air calls

on Red TV! , Invitations to “Operation Cupido” go live, but it still highlights the registration stage for those interested.

If she has already left, she will be led by Luciana Jimenez.

time to wake up

As for criticism of “Superpop”, that the program is in an abandoned phase, those close to the presenter agree: Rede TV! need to wake up. After all, it’s an important brand with a history at home.

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But everything also depends on Luciana’s own interest in changing this situation.

without comparison

After Osmar Prado as Velho do Rio, in “Pantanal”, for those who have seen the original version of the Manchete, it is impossible not to remember one of the best works of the late Cláudio Marzo in the plot – he lived three.

The ending brought tears to many people.


Fernanda Gentile, after “Zig Zag Arena”, does not have a new stable project at Globo’s Entertainment. And after all, something is unlikely to immediately appear on the table, it is magic, just to celebrate your return. Whatever the time, this year or the next, make sure the product works well. to plan.

Because Fernanda has talent, but they need to get the content right.


Rodrigo Sant’Anna is on the rise on Netflix. After the success of “A Sogra que te Pariu”, he was here with the “Cheguei” project, on the nineteenth.

In standing form, the comedian tells his story and introduces his new characters.

Galisto in the band

With permission from Record, Adriane Galisteu recorded one of the following versions of “Faustão na Band”.

The program has no broadcast date yet.


Gastronomy will also be featured on “Bom Dia Você”, a new morning show on Rede TV! , which is presented by Alinne Prado and Eri Johnson, and the first is scheduled for the second at 10 a.m.

Chef Michel Krispiem will present the culinary plate.


Gloob Kids’ Channel on Globo just aired the 16th season of ‘DPA – Detetives do Prédio Azul -‘ and with it took the lone lead for the sixth consecutive season of the series. In addition, it has reached nearly 2 million subscribers with unreleased episodes, The brand has also shown strength in content viewing, the habit of watching content together, and is also a leader among homes with children aged 2 to 9.

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In the digital sphere, the repercussions were also expressive with a total of more than 11 million views on YouTube and Tik Tok videos from Mundo Gloob.

He hits

• This Monday, at 10:30 pm, the new season of the series “Destino: Educação”, recorded by the Cine group in six countries during the pandemic …

• …due to Covid-19, this work has been in pre-production for a year…

• …a 13-episode documentary series, presenting the results of successful policies in national and international schools, including indigenous schools, that value the cultures and languages ​​of their peoples.

• “Mar do Sertão”, TV series on queue at 6 PM on Globo, can’t shut down the cast…

• … as a result, registrations are still delayed …

• … This problem can cause a prolongation of the “beyond illusion”.

• When consulted, Grazi Massafera staff reported that the actress had not yet outlined her next steps in the video.

• Lady Lisbon’s moment in a very good record production…

• … after “Genesis”, already confirmed in “Power Couple”, as a presenter of digital programs …

• …as if that wasn’t enough, he still enjoyed the hit of “A Sogra Que Te Pariu” on Netflix…

• …in the series, Lady plays Alice, a character who has several clashes with Donna Isadre (Rodrigo Santana).