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Billie Eilish started her acting career on Swarm, the new Prime Video series

Billie Eilish started her acting career on Swarm, the new Prime Video series

Inspired by the behavior of fans who do everything for their idols, Swarm opens Friday, the 17th, with Billie Eilish in the cast.

What are the boundaries you would cross for your idol or favorite band? This is the question that Plot explores swarma new series of Prime Video which premieres on Friday the 17th, which premieres Billie Eilish In her first acting job.

created by Donald Glover that it Janine we stand outthe plot promises a critique of culture stan – a term defining “ardent and loyal fan”, According to CNN – by date know (Dominic Fishback). Extremely dedicated to the pop singer Survivalthe protagonist is willing to go through various situations of the artist, bordering on obsession.

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in the thriller, Billie Eilish Debut of her acting career in a role Evea recently revealed character Prime Video. With a visit to Brazil scheduled for the end of the month, as the headliner for the 10th edition of Lollapalooza In the country, the 21-year-old singer was present at the series premiere in Los Angeles, USA, last Tuesday, the 14th.

It is worth noting that since the series was announced, there has been speculation about it Survival Based on Beyonce, mainly based on the works and aesthetics of the artists. according to CNNplot name,swarm(or “enxame”, in Portuguese), can refer to a fan base of Queen Bcalled Beyhive (something like “beehive”, in a free translation).

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In addition to Billie Eilish that it Dominic Fishbackthe plot remains Chloe BaileyAnd Damson IdrisAnd Ricky ThompsonAnd Paris JacksonAnd Rory Culkin that it Kiersey Clemons on your list. In total , swarm Seven episodes of 30 minutes each will air this premiere Friday the 17th. Check out the trailer:

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