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New policy requires you not to provide details about your clothing - Metro World News Australia

New policy requires you not to provide details about your clothing – Metro World News Australia

Kensington Palace will not provide any information about the brands of clothing worn by the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, as they have come to the conclusion that the media focuses information on her clothing and not on the actions she takes on the various visits that appear in her schedule of official activities.

Here, we always follow the distinctive look of the princess, but in a recent publication by the British newspaper pass, The palace now systematically refuses to share this data unless it is a special occasion such as a government action, a film premiere or an overseas visit where – under diplomatic protocol – it must be reported if the Princess of Wales wears fashion items designed in the host country.

In the past, the palace has regularly provided details of the clothes worn by the late Queen Elizabeth II, as well as Queen Consort Camilla’s wardrobe when she was Duchess of Cornwall.

This new decision to withhold details of the clothes worn by Kate Middleton is surprising, given that some of the clothes worn by the late Queen or Princess Diana formed the centerpieces of palace shows that are used to entice the public to visit the royal residences.

Kate’s publicist said fashion experts are quick to identify the designers of the clothes the Princess of Wales is wearing, but they won’t officially confirm or deny whether their guesses are accurate.

An example of this situation is Kate’s recent post on Colham Manor Children’s Centre in Hillingdon, west London, where she is “thought” to have worn a mango knitted dress and Hobbs coat to the event, but nothing has been confirmed.

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The Princess of Wales, who is currently 40 years old, has a sober and elegant style, and is considered one of the most beautiful women in the United Kingdom. In addition, her fashion choices cause a sales frenzy, causing the clothes she wears to instantly sell out as soon as she is spotted in them. Kate Middleton is known for pairing designer brands—and affordable prices—with designer pieces.