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Operation 1 x 2 Atletico: result and goals

Operation 1 x 2 Atletico: result and goals

Hey Atletico He was afraid, but he overcame factory worker 2-1, Al-Awda, this Saturday (16), in the first match of the semi-finals Paraná Championship.

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Attacker Felipe Augusto He scored a wonderful goal for the home team in the 4th minute, but saw the wheel FernandinhoA penalty kick equalized the score in the first half. And in the end the scorer Pablo The red and black were declared victorious at the Germano Kruger Stadium in Punta Grossa.

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Fantasma got the advantage when Felipe Augusto received the ball from the right wing, cut it down the middle and whipped the ball into the corner. Goalkeeper Pinto touched the ball but was unable to prevent the goal.

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Furacao's performance was poor in the first half, but they reached an equalizer thanks to the good play provided by Eric. The midfielder started and was brought down by an Índio defender inside the area. On the beat, Fernandinho equalized.

In the final stage, Atletico was superior and controlled the events more. The winning goal came in the 45th minute: Caique Rocha served Pablo, who shot it on his chest and beat the goalkeeper to determine Furacao's advantage in the semi-final.

  • The second leg of the state semi-final will be played only on March 27, at 8 p.m., at Liga Arena.
  • With this result, Furacao has the advantage of a draw to qualify for the state big decider.

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*Photos by Andre Johnson/OFEC and José Tramontin/Athletico.com.br

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