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CBLOL 2022: “We just need to know how to use what we have to our advantage,” says CarioK |  laughing loudly

CBLOL 2022: “We just need to know how to use what we have to our advantage,” says CarioK | laughing loudly

the end of CBLOL 2022 It’s not big news for Marcos “CarioK”, Caçador da paiN. In four divisions representing the organization, the player has made three decisions, leaving with the title in the first half of 2021. In search of a second trophy in the third final, guaranteed after beating KaBuM this Sunday (3) spoke to LoL Esports On his way to the finals, he pointed out the positive and negative aspects of being the top seeded team:

“On the one hand, we will have a lot of time to talk and watch their matches, but at the same time it is a good time without playing as well. We will do our best not to lose our rhythm and take the opportunity to progress better in the final. We just need to know how to use what We have it on our side.”

CarioK, paiN Games player at CBLOL 2022 – Photo: Bruno Alvares / Riot Games

paiN has three potential opponents on April 23: RED Canids and FURIA face each other to decide who will play KaBuM, and the survivor of these clashes will be the second finalist. For now, CarioK has focused on talking about the joy of being in another resolution:

Strategy against KaBuM

The resounding 3×0 that paiN scored against ninjas was not a fluke, but the result of a good analysis done by the team. The goal was to explore “parang” Sangwon, and this is what the traditionalists did:

“We knew they didn’t create much when they were late, and their aggression comes from Parang a lot. If they didn’t gain an advantage there, we didn’t notice that the botlin created much. So our goal was not to lose at the top of the map. But it turns out we were able to gain a lot of advantage. There, and that made our series easier,” Fisherman analyzed.

Wizer, Topo da paiN, ended up shining because of his team’s strategy – Photo: Bruno Alvares / Riot Games

Sunday’s series didn’t take on as dramatic tunes as the last round, against FURIA, where paiN ceded two turns before he could close out his hard-earned 3×2. CarioK does not deny that this is a weak point in his team:

– It’s our problem, but maybe because we had such a hard time against FURIA, we were scared today at closing time. It is inevitable to associate one thing with another. But we managed to get our heads together and win.”