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Solidarity Football: Brothers who had to leave Republika Srpska due to floods will be in the Maracanã |  National newspaper

Solidarity Football: Brothers who had to leave Republika Srpska due to floods will be in the Maracanã | National newspaper

Solidarity Football: Brothers who had to leave Rio Grande do Sul due to floods will be at the Maracanã

On Sunday (26), Globo TV broadcasts the Solidarity Sunday Football programme. It is a star-studded match that will bring together artists and football stars to raise funds for the victims of the tragedy that occurred in Rio Grande do Sul.

The warm-up begins on Sunday with Huck, at 2:50 p.m., and the match at 4 p.m. Nearly 40,000 tickets have already been sold.

Sun, blue skies, on a Maracanã day just for them…but Siblings Enzo, 7, and Giovanna, 10, are looking forward to seeing the stadium filled with celebrities.

“I really want Ludmila, MC Daniel and Ronaldinho Gaucho,” says Giovanna.

Before the floods in Rio Grande do Sul, the two lived with their mother in Rolante, a city 130 kilometers from Porto Alegre. They were left homeless and were in a shelter. They left there on a trip with two of Lucien Bianchi’s great-aunt’s friends.

“The first day they arrived, they wanted to watch videos of Rolante, and what the flood was like, and looking for their house in Rolante’s videos, and I didn’t want them to be even more shocked. Then I said, ‘No, let’s go put him in school,’” he says.

“I hope everything goes well for the build up,” Enzo reads in part of the message.

“My house was flooded, I lost everything, the closet, the door, the bed… So, I wish you a lot of strength and faith to face everything you went through… So, stay well, everything will work out.” Giovanna reads.

Immediately, friends from Rio asked me to write too. “We’ve already sent out about 60 letters, and the kids are producing them, and they love this production. They’re happy to be part of this process as well,” says Charlene Bellisario, the school’s principal.

In Maracanã, Enzo says what he misses most about Rolante (RS) is his family. Which is irreplaceable. In everything else, the contributions we received were helpful.

“Because, when they arrived, there was nothing in the closet. Nothing. Today, the closet is full, and they say: ‘Auntie, the closet is full. Auntie, I have a lot of toys,'” Lucien says.

Since Enzo and Giovanna arrived in Rio two weeks ago, they have called Rolante every day to talk to their mother. Then, during the report, the team made the call.

“How are you, my love? How are you? Look how beautiful Maraca is, huh! I miss you,” Karen says to her children on the other end of the line. “How was your day? Tell mom.”

“Four hours of recording and then we went to lunch,” Enzo answers. The reporter asks: “What about you, Karen? How’s it going?”

“Rolanti continues the rebuilding process. Everyone supports each other here.”

Among the confirmed stars are world champion Ronaldinho Gaucho and Cafu.

Ludmila, whom Giovanna would like to see often, sent a message: “I am also very excited to meet the people I love, who I really love, like Ronaldinho, to stand on that sacred grass again, to bring a little joy.” “For people.”

“Guys, come to the solidarity football on Sunday, at four in the afternoon,” calls Giovanna.