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OneDrive: Microsoft steps back and abandons the controversial change after criticism

OneDrive: Microsoft steps back and abandons the controversial change after criticism

Microsoft has backtracked and canceled a change to its OneDrive cloud storage system after community backlash against a new data management policy.

At the end of August 2023, the company informed the public about this Changes to the Service’s infrastructure, including changes in how photos and videos are counted against contracted plans. Now, some of the changes that were scheduled to take effect next week will no longer happen.

The company’s statement posted on Microsoft’s support page about the change said: “Based on the feedback we received, we have adjusted our approach and will no longer release this update. We will maintain the current photo album experience as it is today.”

The negative repercussions made Microsoft abandon the changes to OneDrive.

What will the change look like in OneDrive?

This change in the infrastructure for storing photos and video on OneDrive marked a change in how the share of free space in the account is calculated.

of change, For example, Outlook attachments and content in the email body now count toward the 5GB basic service plan – Causing many users to inadvertently exceed the limit and be unable to send or receive emails for a few days.

In addition to, Photos and videos uploaded to OneDrive will be double countedThe company will now consider gallery folders and albums to be two different things.

In an attempt to mitigate the situation, it has offered 12 months of additional storage to the entire community, so the public can get used to the change. However, the statement says, all this has now been reversed and the platform has returned to traditional operation.

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