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One week left until the airline retires its “new” Airbus planes and returns 100% to Boeing.

One week left until the airline retires its “new” Airbus planes and returns 100% to Boeing.

Alaska Airlines is “counting the days” to return to being an airline that only flies planes from neighboring Boeing.

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Alaska Airlines has a name that refers to the US state of Alaska, but is actually headquartered in Seattle, Washington, where it also maintains the majority of its operations. The main production plant of aerospace giant Boeing is also located in the area.

Today, Alaska’s fleet consists of a mix of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Although Embraer operates E175 aircraft in its network, they do not fly under the mainline name, but rather through subsidiary Horizon Air and overseas company SkyWest, which has other registrations and separate air operator certificates, so, technically, today the company It only flies by Boeing 737 aircraft and some Airbus A321 aircraft.

These European planes are the result of a merger with Virgin America, which was previously flying only Airbus planes. All the A320s it inherited from Virgin have already been retired, and today there are only 5 A321s actually left flying, with an average age of 5 and a half years, as the airline took them over in the middle of the merger.

The rest is being prepared to be returned to the owner (The lessorOthers have already been sent to the desert. According to the portal AirlineGeeks I learned that the last Airbus flight in the Alaska fleet is scheduled to take place next Saturday (29) between Seattle and Los Angeles on flight AS-1126.

With this flight, Alaska will only have Boeing, passenger and cargo aircraft in the 737-700, -800, -900, -900ER and MAX 9 models.

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