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On Easter Sunday, the family keeps the tradition that started with 10 siblings

On Easter Sunday, the family keeps the tradition that started with 10 siblings

The family tapped into history and carried on the tradition of egg hunting and storytelling

Family members holding hands and saying a prayer minutes before lunch. (Photo: Henrik Kominami)

Mortari family meetings are governed by tradition and guilds who never let any memorial date go unnoticed. It will be no different on Easter, and this Sunday (09) the family met again at the same address as always, Chakara Mortari.

The Mortari family is not small at all and in the early hours of Sunday afternoon there were already about 40 people there. The number represents just under half of the family that passes the meeting traditions from generation to generation.

Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, grandchildren and nieces celebrated Easter with storytelling and chocolate egg hunts. The grill could not be missing, as well as the playing surface for the elderly.

The chocolate table is part of the Easter tradition. (Photo: Henrik Kominami)

There are few children today, but those who grew up playing dating are now finding another way to have fun with their family members and organize a surprise for the little ones.

Camila Mortari, 30, talks about the decades-old tradition. “Every year we get together, we celebrate all the holidays, because my grandfather (José) has 10 siblings. They always meet and the tradition has always continued. The joy is to meet at all dates and not just at Easter,” he says.

The farm was the dream of Jose Jair, 80, who wanted to have space to welcome the whole family. Today, he lives that dream alongside his siblings, four children, and six grandchildren. Jose talks about the moment of encounter and the meaning it holds.

Jose Jair thanks God for seeing the family together. (Photo: Henrik Kominami)

“Easter comes to complete this family reunion and we have joy, faith and seeing all the children healthy. This is a blessing from God, it is wonderful, I just have to thank God,” he highlights.

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For 40 years, Joanna Mortari, 56, has been the family’s official narrator. No matter the date, she always has a story to tell. In the case of Easter, there are two types, one apocalyptic and one related to the Christian message.

Joanna explains that everyone is coming together to help out at the moment. “At Christmas we celebrate Christmas and at Easter it is the story of the rabbit who comes to lay eggs. The whole family cooperates and a large amount of chocolate comes, because everyone knows it is a joke,” he says.

Ariane Mortaria with her daughters Katarina and Cora. (Photo: Henrik Kominami)
The “younger” generation of the family follows the traditions of the older generations. (Photo: Henrik Kominami)

Ariane Mortari, 39, has gone through all the stages of imitation and today she is seeing her daughters Katharina, 7, and Cora, 4. “They love her, the eldest one already understands, so she says, ‘Mom, I’ll be the help.’” So we set things up for the younger ones. “They love her so much,” he says.

In the middle of a celebration, it is imperative that we not remember past ceremonies. Camilla’s mother, Maria Claudia Mortari, 51, remembers when her children and her nephews were children. “When these kids were little, it was a party, we even played BBB, and we stayed 15 days with these kids here. Here, when the family just gets together, there are about 80 people,” he says.

Before telling stories and looking for Easter eggs, the family gathers around the table. The song “Thank the Lord for Our Food” precedes the lunchtime prayer. Jose is the first to speak and thank God for everyone being there.

Then they pray to Our Father and so begins another Easter for the Mortari family.

Prayer anticipates the Easter family lunch. (Photo: Henrik Kominami)
On the farm, the family enjoys Sunday lunch. (Photo: Henrik Kominami)
Children while hunting Easter eggs. (Photo: Camila Mortari)
The whole family participates in a game of quest for chocolate. (Photo: Camila Mortari)

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