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China conducts new military exercises near Taiwan and the Japanese islands: officials |  world

China conducts new military exercises near Taiwan and the Japanese islands: officials | world

Chinese aircraft conducted military exercises over the weekend and practiced attacks on targets in Taiwan. Photo: Reuters via BBC

The Japanese Ministry of Defense said on Monday (10) that China has conducted military exercises near Taiwan and islands belonging to Japan. And Chinese state media confirmed the conduct of military exercises around Taiwan.

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And the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense said that as of 10 am on Monday (Sunday night in Brazil), 59 Chinese aircraft had approached the island. Of these, 39 people entered the Taiwanese air defense zone.

The military maneuvers reported on Monday are part of a series of maneuvers China has carried out in recent days, as tensions rise in Asia.

Regarding the exercises conducted near the islands in Japan, the Japanese government reported that this approach was made with a Chinese aircraft carrier during a simulated air attack on Sunday (9).

Japan’s Defense Ministry said combat planes and helicopters took off and landed on the Chinese aircraft carrier more than 100 times between Friday and Sunday. Reuters reported that the operation also included three warships and a support ship.

The Japanese government said that the Chinese army came 230 kilometers from the Japanese island of Miyako.

Officials from Japan and China met on Monday to discuss maritime concerns. A Japanese government spokesman said the country is following Chinese exercises in Taiwan.

Chinese TV programs present military exercises across Taiwan – Photo: Reuters

What does China say

Chinese state media said the country was continuing to hold exercises across Taiwan on Monday. The military conducted sea and air inspections, as well as blockade exercises around the island.

China also said it had tracked and monitored a US Navy ship that was near the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.

Tension after the meeting of the United States and Taiwan

China considers the island of Taiwan a rebel province and is part of Chinese territory. Beijing says it is ready to take it back, even by force if necessary.

Under the “one China” principle, the country’s government does not allow any other country to establish diplomatic relations with it and with Taiwan at the same time.

Only 13 countries in the world recognize Taiwan’s sovereignty.

The US government has long maintained “strategic ambiguity” on the issue, a doctrine intended to deter China from invading Taiwan and to prevent the island’s leaders from provoking Beijing by declaring independence.

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