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Oasis Nepworth marvels at the box office in 1996 and holds the record for most rolling stones in the UK

Oasis Nepworth marvels at the box office in 1996 and holds the record for most rolling stones in the UK

The production, directed by Jack Scott, reveals previously unseen images of oases at historical events in Nepworth

Philip Krater (supervised by Yolanda Reis) Posted on 09/27/2021 at 12:55 p.m.

Focuses on two of the most important events in’s life Oasis, Documentary Oasis Nepworth 1996, Movement Jack Scott, Surprised at the box office and broke a record from the United Kingdom POPline. At shows 25 years ago, nearly 250,000 enthusiastic fans filled the park. Hertfordshire.

The production officially hit theaters on September 23, 2021, and increased the number of impressions. Tom McKay, From the President Sony Music Entertainment, How that was revealed Oasis Nepworth 1996 Became the highest grossing documentary of 2021 in the UK. In the country, it raised more than 4,634,000, raising about R $ 4.6 million.

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“We are delighted to see fans from all over the world enjoying an incredible cinematic experience Oasis Nepworth 1996. We look forward to giving the audience more opportunities to revitalize the energy and excitement surrounding these iconic events in the future, ”said the administrator.

In addition to previously unpublished archival footage of Nepworth’s concerts, the documentary also features the story of Noel Gallagher and Bonhead from the perspective of the band or fans. According to Jack Scott’s NME interview, Liam did not want to comment because he felt “the film spoke for itself”.

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“Wonderwall” is almost out of Oasis Napvo in 1996

It sounds like a lie, but Scott Had trouble finding a place for one of the best hits Oasis: “At one point, it wasn’t even that. At the beginning of the issue we decided how to cover two days. Instead of mixing the highlights of two nights, we thought about how to make a full weekend. [do início ao fim]You hear different music on different nights, there is a gap in between. “

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“But choosing songs is a process.Colombia‘And you want to open. But you have to build everything around it. So the big problem is where it comes from ‘Wonderwall‘? We were very upset about where to put this, “said the director.

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