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Orca: Powerful Autonomous Submarine Acquired by US Navy

Orca: Powerful Autonomous Submarine Acquired by US Navy

The US Navy has received its first autonomous robotic submarine Agreement With Boeing. The XLUUV (eXtra-Large Uncrewed Water Underwater Vehicle) model is also known as “Orca” and has successfully completed rigorous surface and underwater tests.

With a length of 26 meters and a displacement of 8.8 tonnes, the Orca is the largest autonomous naval submarine ever built. In fact, it marks the introduction of an entirely new class of ships.

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This first unit of Boeing's contract with the US Navy is based on the conceptual “Echo Voyager”, which can operate autonomously for months. This is thanks to a hybrid rechargeable power system and a modular payload compartment. Check out the footage from the concept:

A large, modular submarine

Unlike the Echo Voyager, the Orca submarine is larger and has a modular design that can be adjusted to the specific needs of each mission. The hybrid system consists of a lithium-ion battery and diesel.

A submarine developed by Boeing
Image: Disclosure/Boeing

The maximum speed of the submarine is 8 knots (about 15 km/h). An impressive 10,500 km from autonomous technology capable of managing navigation in challenging marine environments.

Meanwhile, the retractable mast also serves as a snorkel. Its cargo compartment is capable of accommodating modules up to 10 meters in length. Although the Orca is considered large for an autonomous submarine, it is small compared to manned models.

In some ways, this is not a problem at all, as the vehicle does not require life support, crew accommodation, safety systems or soundproofing. Therefore, it offers a very compact structure that can store an impressive amount of equipment in a reduced space.

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