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Nubank will pay out prizes worth R$1 million and the winner will be announced tomorrow (7);  How to consult?

Nubank will pay out prizes worth R$1 million and the winner will be announced tomorrow (7); How to consult?

Hey Nubank It recently created NuCoin, a digital currency owned by the financial institution that is part of its rewards suite for customers. Therefore, by accumulating this digital currency, the user is entitled to certain benefits, such as discounts, participation in product co-creation and cash prize draws.

You Nubank lottery It was held this Saturday (4), with a total of 20 draws of R$10,000 and one draw of R$1,000,000, with each customer only able to win once. However, the drawn numbers have not yet been released, and can be verified with the name and initials of the winner through the bank’s own app, in the NuCoin area, starting Tuesday (7).

How to check Nubank withdrawal result?

Nubank customers have the possibility to check the draw results directly through the Federal Lottery on November 4, 2023. It is important to emphasize that the withdrawal rules must be followed, and can be accessed through From this link.

Those who joined the promotion through NuCoins“Freezing” digital currencies, he got a lucky number in the draw. This number contains 8 numbers, which are obtained by simple units of the first five prizes of the Federal Lottery. The awards should be read vertically and from top to bottom, preceded by the simple ten for first, second and third prize.

It is important to note that Nubank will contact the winners starting Tuesday (7), the same day the official results will be announced. Communication will be made via the email registered for the promotion.

Nubank will pay out prizes worth R$1 million and the winner will be announced tomorrow (7); How to consult? – Image: Shutterstock

UV News

Users of Nubank’s Ultraviolet credit card will get new benefits from the end of October. Therefore, these customers have access to a selection of ever-evolving solutions, aimed at making consumers’ financial lives easier and simpler. This new feature is being rolled out gradually to card users, and is still in the testing phase.

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In this way, users can Nubank UV Card Now get the following additional resources at no additional cost: NuTag, Family Space, Protection Center, Rappi Prime, exclusive app, unlimited withdrawals, and special service.

“Our first step, focused on the high-income segment, is to develop and reposition Nubank Ultravioleta, beyond the standard benefits of a black credit card,” said Livia Chanis, COO of Nubank in Brazil. “The idea is to offer a set of solutions to solve the complex details of financial life that It often goes unnoticed.

The Nubank Ultraviolet Card is compatible with the Black Card from other financial institutions. There is no minimum income to obtain this card, however, an automatic credit analysis is performed, which occurs upon registrations of new Nubank users. Furthermore, for those who already have an Ultraviolet card, there is a monthly credit analysis.

Even before the news he announced Nubank, the Ultravioleta card has already offered benefits such as 1% cash back on purchases, automatic 200% CDI cash back income, free and unlimited access to the Mastercard Black VIP room, among others. In addition, a monthly fee waiver is offered to those who spend at least R$5,000 per month on the card or who have invested or saved amounts equal to or greater than R$50,000 between Nubank and NuInvest.