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Nubank innovates and launches a new card for use via the app; Learn how to use

a nubank It allows users of your credit cards, the famous “roxinho”, a digital version of the tool. The service can be found on the app since 2017 and aims to save users time and increase the ease of online shopping.

Fintech digital cards can be added to digital wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay for contactless purchases at physical establishments. This makes the tool easier to use.

The card functions as a second credit or debit card, but it has a different number, security code (CVV) and expiration date than the actual card. Anyway, it is bound by the same card limit nubank.

Advantages of a virtual credit card

First of all, there are many advantages of the Nubank virtual card, check out the main ones:

  • If you have problems with your physical card, the virtual card will remain active for online purchases;
  • The virtual card can be unlocked within 4 days after registration, that is, it is not necessary to wait for the physical card to arrive;
  • The virtual card cannot be disposed of, that is, it can be used in applications and websites to make payments without changing the registrations;
  • The card is issued through a bank application that avoids queues and bureaucracy;
  • Finally, the virtual card is similar to the second card because it is tied to the same limit and bill as the physical card.

How is a virtual credit card issued?

To access your Nubank Virtual Card, follow these steps:

  1. access to the Nubank app;
  2. select the tab “My Cards”;
  3. After that, press “Create virtual card”;
  4. Then, click on “Create Virtual Card”;
  5. Finally, you label your card.
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nubank ultraviolet card

Initially, Nubank owned an exclusive card for its customers. Ultravioleta contains all the features and benefits of a black card that other financial institutions offer. It is released under the Mastercard Black brand and one of its differences is cashback on all purchases.

Benefits of the new Nubank Ultraviolet Card

Check out the list of key benefits of the Nubank Premium Card:

  • Unending instant cashback, with an automatic return of 200% CDI annually;
  • free travel insurance;
  • Complimentary access to the VIP lounge at Guarulhos International Airport;
  • Exclusive metal design without printed data, which makes the tool more secure, and can only be accessed through the digital bank app;
  • Free monthly fee of R$49 in cases where the monthly expenses on the card are R$5,000 per month or R$150,000 invested in NuBank or Nu Invest.

Regarding co-branded cards, in the gold or platinum versions, they do not have a monthly fee, but they are international.

How to apply for a UV card?

To order the UV card, the interested party must reach Site from Nubank and enter the queue. However, it is worth noting that there is no minimum income required.

This is because only after calling a person’s digital bank will their credit history be analyzed. If there is approval, an email and letter will arrive on the Nubank application.

Finally, to confirm the issuance of the Ultraviolet credit card, simply access the application safely and quickly.

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