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Nubank announces an increase in the range of 500,000 customers; See how you consult

Last month, Nubank announced a massive increase in the credit card limit for nearly 500,000 customers.

in the last month, nubank Announced a massive increase in the credit card limit of nearly 500,000 customers. The topic is quite controversial, given that many fintech clients have low credit.

Customers are not satisfied with the low minimum

Many card users took advantage of the move, but those who didn’t get the boost were disappointed, criticizing the fintech for not updating the card.

in defense, nubank I learned that she does credit analyzes more frequently, and that certain financial behaviors can contribute to the limit being raised more quickly or that there is no chance of readjustment.

Check out some important tips below:

  • avoiding delays in paying bills;
  • Payment before the due date or by the due date;
  • Choose the bill due date according to your salary payment;
  • Do not pay the minimum invoice amount, as this will activate the revolving credit;
  • Keep your monthly income updated on the Nubank app;
  • Frequent use of your credit card;
  • Use the card more often without going over the limit;
  • You don’t have debts.

How to check the card limit?

Learn how to check the purple border with the Nubank app:

  1. Open an app nubank on your cell phone
  2. On the main screen, click on the “Credit Card” tab;
  3. Then scroll down and tap on the “Set borders” option;
  4. It will then show you your current limit and how much credit you have left. If you want to decrease or increase your limit, move the arrow to the desired value.
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How do you open a Nobank account?

Among the services issued by Nubank, there is a completely free digital account. Here’s how to open it:

  1. Access a page nubank;
  2. Then fill in your full name, CPF and email;
  3. Click “I want to be a Nubank”;
  4. Wait a few days for the bank review and confirmation.

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