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How to prevent them from withdrawing a thousand Brazilian reals in your name

Do I lose my FGTS fine when making an Exceptional Draw?

Exceptional withdrawal of up to one thousand riyals from the severance compensation fund (FGTSIt was a relief to millions of Brazilians. However, there is a group of workers who would rather not use the money at the moment. Some even out of fear that they will end up losing the FGTS a fine in cases of dismissal. Is the danger real?

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More than 42 million Brazilians can withdraw the amounts in question, but it is important to remember that citizens are not obligated to withdraw and use the funds, if they do not see the need at the moment. On December 15th, all untouched amounts will be returned to the account with adjustments and without any adjustments Loss for the worker.

FGTS okay

With an Exceptional Withdrawal, the Professional can withdraw the available balance without changing the termination penalty. It indicates 40% of all deposits made by the employer during the employment contract.

This means that the final amount of the fine is not related to the available balance in the FGTS account. In this way, the worker can choose whether to withdraw the extraordinary benefit or not without changing the fine involved.

The calendar began on April 20 of that year and follows the worker’s birth month. According to Caixa Econômica, the amounts are not available for withdrawal. prevented In the FGTS account as collateral for credit operations in anticipation of the date of birth being withdrawn.

The 42 million Brazilian payout expired on June 15 for those born in December. The exceptional withdrawal is issued in one payment with a maximum value of one thousand riyals.

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The amount available for each worker was already Favor into a digital social savings account. To check the amount, simply access the FGTS app or file Online Banking Give cashier. In addition to these options, there is also a face-to-face service at any Caixa branch.