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Recently 4 new rules were approved in Brazil

Food vouchers now have newer rules that came into effect in March 2022. Changes prohibit giving discounts when contracting with food-providing companies. benefit. In addition, it sets penalties for companies that allow the voucher to be used for other purposes. See other approved rules.

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Without proper follow-up, employee food vouchers were often used to purchase services that were not Necessaryregarding payment plans flow, for example. Several points have been reconsidered so that entitlements can actually function among families.

Food Voucher Rules

The latest applicable rules for food stamps are based on surveys conducted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The destination was considered for purposes other than food Forgery.

For this reason, companies should adopt more specific standards for monitoring. Otherwise, they can be fined or even lose their credibility. Therefore, they will be prevented from providing food voucher service to others. The fine in such cases can reach up to 50 thousand Brazilian reais.

With the new rules, contracts already signed will have a 14-month period for adjustment. Newcomers must immediately follow the changes that are effective.

Another important change is the end of deductions and offsetting values. According to the understanding of the Department of Labor and Welfare, workers paid more for it.

This was because the company that bought the food stamps got a discount while the ticket supplier charged more. high restaurants to compensate. In other words, it was the worker who suffered the most.

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And there’s more! Supermarkets and other businesses that accept coupons are prohibited from selling any item to the worker through the non-food benefit, as they are subject to a penalty traffic fine.