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No more unwanted emails!  This button is the solution

No more unwanted emails! This button is the solution

If you are one of the millions of users of GmailYou may have found yourself overwhelmed by the amount of unwanted emails in your inbox. Facing a flood of unwanted messages can be a daunting task. But thanks to a Gmail update, that’s about to change.


According to TheSpAndroid, Gmail It is preparing an important update that will benefit users who deal with a large amount of unwanted emails. This new update will bring”unsubscribe“, which will be highlighted at the top of all emails sent by bulk senders.

Bulk consignors

Bulk senders are typically entities that send promotional content or information of little interest to thousands of users. Currently, the unsubscribe button in these messages is usually located at the end of emails, and is not always in the user’s native language.

New button function

The new “Unsubscribe” button will automatically appear on all emails that offer the unsubscribe option. However, some spam may not display the new button, meaning users will have to access the service to manually disable notifications on the sender’s system.

Advantages of the new job

This new functionality promises to help users keep their inbox more organized. Many digital services ask the customer for an email address, and as a result, it is common for companies to start sending dozens of irrelevant content on a monthly or weekly basis.

Google stock future

The new button is just one of several tools Google Poised to make Gmail more secure and convenient. According to the company, new filters against spam and malware should arrive on the platform in the coming months.

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Update to Gmail It promises to be a great ally in the fight against spam. Through it, the user will have more control over what they want (or not) to receive, making their user experience more enjoyable and productive. So, get ready to say goodbye to unwanted emails!

Google will delete your Gmail accounts

Global technology giant Google recently announced an important change in its account policy. Following the trend of keeping its platform efficient and free of inactivity, the company has set a deadline to delete Gmail accounts deemed inactive.

Google’s new inactivity policy

Starting December 1 of this year, Google will start deleting Google accounts Gmail Which has not shown any kind of activity during the past two years. This measure aims to improve the use of the company’s services.

What is considered an activity?

Activity on a Gmail account is determined in several ways. This may include logging into your account, reading or sending emails, using Google DriveWatch YouTube videos, share photos, download apps, and perform searches while connected.

Gmail accounts that don’t record any of these types of activity over two years will be considered inactive and may therefore be deleted.

Exceptions to the rule

There are some exceptions to this inactivity policy. For example, accounts that were used to make purchases on the Google Play Store or that have a gift card with an active balance will not be deleted.

How to avoid deleting your Gmail account

If you have a Gmail account that you haven’t used in a while and don’t want to Google Delete everything associated with it, the best way to avoid this is to log in before December 1st.

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