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No money to pay boletus? This Nubank option might be right for you

Boletos are a nightmare for many residents. This is because paying bills is necessary to ensure a good consumer CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registry) reputation. Among bolito headaches, one of them is caused by a lack of money. You may have already gone through the situation of having to pay Boleto, but you don’t have enough money.

Although boring, the situation is quite common among all the peoples of the world. However, thinking of convenience and to avoid major headaches, Nubank is launching a new possibility of paying coupons. The goal is to provide better conditions for fintech users, without the need to “scrape” the account.

Payment possibility / photo: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

How to pay bills with a credit card

First of all, it is worth noting how the payment of coupons with a credit card works. This is because although it is a fairly common and useful practice, it is still new to the vast majority of people, including financial institutions. First, PicPay was one of the first organizations to launch this capability (picpay.com).

In addition to the possibility of paying an invoice using a credit card, the institution also offers the possibility of payment in installments of up to 12 installments, depending on the amount in question. In most cases, the application also has the possibility Cashbackwhere the application itself returns part of the money spent to the user.

As practice progresses and users demand, many other banks are starting to offer the opportunity, as is the case with Nubank. For this to be possible, the individual must be a fintech customer, in addition to having an approved credit card limit. Once this is done, the next step is to simply request payment by credit card, upon completion of the transaction.

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New from Nobank

Well, now that you understand how credit card payment vouchers work, it’s time to get acquainted with the novelty of Nubank. After releasing the possibility of this type of payment, fintech is developing a new practice that aims to allow enterprise users to have an additional payment limit on coupons.

The focus is on allowing users to have a new option to carry out the transaction, without having to compromise on the existing credit card limit. That is, let’s say a particular user has a limit of R$50 and a payment voucher of R$200. If the new limit is available, it will allow the user to keep their balance of R$50, using only R$200, which is only available for paying bank vouchers.

Moreover, it is necessary to note that the limit may vary. That is, the month limit may not be the same as the other. In addition, the possibility also has an interest rate, in case of late payment of the bill. Finally, according to Nubank, unfortunately, the option is not yet available to everyone, but users will soon be notified of the possibility.

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