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Nintendo is making a plea in the post for gamers to stop blowing their consoles

Nintendo is making a plea in the post for gamers to stop blowing their consoles

Nintendo gamers who never blew up the cartridges cast the first stone! This ancient habit is part of the history of the Japanese company’s game users. The oldest used to believe that blowing into the cartridges made the device open.

The success of the 2000s has continued even after more than two decades. However, the habit of blowing Nintendo cartridges also insists that it is part of the habits of gamers. But it is not recommended at all, understand why below.

Understand why Nintendo cartridges don’t explode

Photo: KoopaTV/Playback

Although it is a very common habit among gamers, it is important to note that blowing cartridges was not an official Nintendo-recommended solution. In fact, the company has explicitly warned against this practice. The act of blowing created moisture and condensation in the cartridge, which could cause further damage over time.

Despite this, blowing cartridges has become a kind of ritual for many gamers. It was a quick attempt to resolve connectivity issues and allow for uninterrupted gameplay.

Although it wasn’t a perfect solution and could cause damage over time, for many players this technique worked well enough to allow the fun to continue.

In addition, players also attempt to clean their consoles with a cotton swab, but Nintendo does not recommend this practice either, as the hygiene item can get stuck in the device. Noting this habit of its customers, the company published a bulletin about the risks. Check out the explanation:

In the game card slot, there is a terminal for reading the game card. If you clean it with a cotton swab or insert a game card with a broken terminal block, it may get stuck in the machine and break. Please do not touch the inside of the game card slot. If dust gets into the game card slot ,use a vacuum cleaner to clean it.Please do not blow on it.Saliva can stick to the terminals and cause rust or corrosion.