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New Podcast Will Talk About Star Trek and Science – Trek Brasilis

New Podcast Will Talk About Star Trek and Science – Trek Brasilis

On Monday (1), biologist and traveler Ricardo Gomes launched the project. Science in the starsThe podcast that brings together the franchise. Star Trek And science.

Find out more in the press release:

On July 1st, the latest podcast about the universe premiered. Star Trek. Hey Science in the stars It brings in academics to talk about their scientific work that has to do with excellence. The main topic of the first episode is the humanities, which isn’t the first science you think of when you talk about space exploration, is it?

Exploring the world of linguistics, researchers Julia Fernandez, Talita Serpa and Carolina Tavares comment on the translation of Klingon, fantasy languages ​​and even The Lord of the Rings!

The first season will feature one episode per month until December 2024, but there will be a return for a second season in 2025. The person welcoming guests to the episodes is the show’s host, Ricardo Gomez, a biologist and certified traveler. He also produces and hosts the podcasts. Biology on site that it Confused.

Upcoming episodes will also cover topics such as black holes and energy consumption. Star Trek By Brazilian fans. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and major podcast aggregators.

Ricardo Gomes is a biologist (UFF) and is studying for a Master’s degree in Science, Technology and Health Diffusion (Fiocruz).


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