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Serra Saúde Competition 2024: Successful candidates receive salaries of up to R$ 7,800!

Serra Saúde Competition 2024: Successful candidates receive salaries of up to R$ 7,800!

If you are looking for a new job opportunity in the public sector, Serra City Hall, in Espírito Santo, has announced the launch of the Serra Saúde 2024 competition notice, which promises to be one of the most competitive of the year offering 375 vacancies for various positions at secondary, technical and higher levels.

The selection process is coordinated by IDCAP and interested parties can register from July 1 to August 6, with fees ranging from R$ 65.00 to R$ 85.00. This is a great time for health professionals and related fields to advance their careers in public service.

Deadlines and procedures for the Serra Saúde competition

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In order not to miss this opportunity, it is necessary to pay attention to The deadlinesRegistration is only possible until August 6, and payment of registration fees is accepted until the 7th of the same month. For those who need it, the period for requesting a fee waiver is the first three days of July.

What are the available vacancies?

Serra Saúde has vacancies for a variety of roles, suitable for candidates with secondary, technical and higher education. Salaries seem to be very attractive, ranging from R$ 1,485.00 to R$ 7,808.38, depending on the candidate’s position and level of training.

Details about the competition stages

The competition will be divided into several stages, starting with a objective testof an exclusionary and categorical nature. Higher level candidates will also be subject to Title Testwhich seeks to assess professional qualifications and experience. Furthermore, a Rhetorical test It will also be applied, requiring participants to prepare an argumentative thesis text on a relevant topic, proposed by the examination board.

  • Objective test date: September 8
  • appearance: 40 multiple choice questions
  • Approval criteria: Minimum 50% of the total marks and not zero in any of the subjects
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After the results are approved, those accepted will be called for a medical examination to verify the requirements and conditions necessary to fill the position.

to prepare

For those looking to properly prepare for the exam, several Education platforms They offer courses and subscriptions focused on the contents of the Serra Saúde program, and investing in education is essential to be well prepared to face the tests and the excellent opportunities that the competition offers.

With this information, if you are interested in being part of the team of health professionals in the municipality of Serra, be sure to register and start preparing. Opportunities like these are crucial to developing a strong and rewarding public service career.