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Hereditary Glaucoma: Learn More About the Disease That Led Singer Maron to Undergo Emergency Surgery

Hereditary Glaucoma: Learn More About the Disease That Led Singer Maron to Undergo Emergency Surgery

When a celebrity faces a health challenge, public interest grows in understanding the situation better. The recent case of country singer Maron, who stars with Bruno, who underwent eye surgery last month for hereditary glaucoma, has drawn much attention.

The singer, despite using eye drops regularly, has been challenged by glaucoma, a condition that has already caused him to lose some of his peripheral vision. With a family history of the condition, including his mother and other relatives diagnosed, he has a hereditary condition that requires constant care. He recently underwent emergency surgery after eye exams revealed advanced optic nerve damage, a warning sign of late-stage glaucoma.

To better understand the medical and preventive aspects of this condition, the president of the Santa Catarina Ophthalmology Society, Ayrton Ramos, highlights the importance of early diagnosis. He stresses that from the age of 40 everyone should start regular eye examinations to detect changes in eye pressure early, especially those with a family history.

Treatment includes medications, such as eye drops, to control eye pressure and, in advanced stages, surgical procedures to preserve vision. “Advanced cupping is one of the main signs of severe glaucoma, which justifies the need for surgery,” the specialist explained.

hereditary glaucoma

Hereditary glaucoma is a chronic eye condition that affects millions of people worldwide, characterized by increased eye pressure and potential damage to the optic nerve, which can lead to vision loss. This particular form is inherited, increasing the risk of developing the disease for individuals with a family history of the disease.

Risk of recurrence

Despite the intervention, glaucoma has no cure, requiring Maron to follow lifelong treatments to prevent its progression. “Even after surgery, the problem is not solved: regular medical appointments are necessary to keep the condition stable,” the ophthalmologist warned. “Continuous lifelong monitoring is essential to control eye pressure,” he added.

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According to the expert, Maron’s case not only highlights the individual challenges of hereditary glaucoma. “It also serves as an example of the necessary care and preventive measures recommended by the Santa Catarina Ophthalmology Society to address this serious ophthalmological condition.”