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New Feature: WhatsApp Beta allows you to transfer channels between users

New Feature: WhatsApp Beta allows you to transfer channels between users

Hey WhatsApp Betain its latest update, introduces a feature long-awaited by users: the ability to transfer channel ownership to other participants.

In addition, the trial version also allows you to block interactions on channels and generate automatic usage reports. These new features promise to bring more freedom and control to group conversations.

Transfer ownership of channels

With the new beta version of WhatsApp, it will be possible to transfer ownership of the channel to other users. This functionality was developed with the aim of allowing other people to take on administrative roles in group chats.

This way, the new channel owner will have the ability to delete chats, remove other admins, and moderate chat content. To transfer ownership of the channel, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Open the desired channel;
  2. Click on the channel name;
  3. Select the username that will take ownership of the chat;
  4. Click “Transfer Ownership”.

It is important to emphasize that the new owner will have full control over the channel and will be able to perform all actions available to the administrator. This function is especially useful in situations where it is necessary to delegate responsibilities or share group management.

Blocking feedback in channels

Another novelty found in WhatsApp Beta It is the possibility of blocking feedback in the channels. This function is particularly useful for official information channels, such as government agencies, that want to control user interactions. The channel owner can choose from three response options:

  1. Any Emoji: Participants are allowed to use any emoji in their messages;
  2. Standard emojis only: Limit interaction options to standard WhatsApp emojis;
  3. None: Prevents users from interacting with messages using emojis.
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This function aims to ensure a more controlled and appropriate environment for communication on official channels, avoiding inappropriate reactions or reactions that may affect the credibility of the information shared.

Automated usage reports

The latest version of WhatsApp Beta also offers the ability to generate automatic usage reports. Previously, you had to manually request these reports, which provide data like contacts, profile photos, groups, settings, and other account activity.

Now, it is possible to configure the application to generate these reports automatically. To activate this function, follow these steps:

  1. Access “Settings” in WhatsApp;
  2. Click on “Account”;
  3. Select the “Request account information” option;
  4. Activate the “Automatically generate reports” option.

With this new functionality, all information will be collected and emailed to the applicant. This makes the data easier to access and provides a more complete view of WhatsApp usage.


It is important to note that these features are only available in the beta version of WhatsApp. This release is intended for users who want to test new features before the official launch. Therefore, it is possible that some features are still in development and subject to change.

To use the beta version of WhatsApp, you must enroll in the testing program available for Android and iOS. It should be noted that since this is a beta version, instabilities and errors may occur. It is recommended that you back up conversations before moving to the trial version.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Beta offers several new features for users, including moving channels between participants, blocking interactions in channels, and automatically generating usage reports. These features are intended to provide more control, flexibility, and practicality to app users.

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It is important to remember that these features are only available in the trial version of WhatsApp, aimed at users who want to test new features before the official launch. If you want to try out these features, be part of the testing program and benefit from all the benefits that WhatsApp Beta has to offer you.