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low battery?  Discover Android's “secret button” that triggers additional charges

low battery? Discover Android's “secret button” that triggers additional charges

Many Android smartphone users are not aware that there is a secret feature that can boost your battery charge. battery From your devices.

If you notice a rapid drain of power and are looking for ways to increase the autonomy of your device, this article is for you.

Met 'Battery button' Secret and learn how to use it to optimize energy consumption.

Control your Android device's battery consumption

As smartphone technology advances, controlling battery consumption has become a challenge.

Basic features often contribute to rapid battery discharge, but there are native features on Android phones that allow to reduce battery life. Energy consumption.

If your battery is draining faster than expected, it's possible that “charge thieves” are draining your power.

These “thieves” can include poorly adjusted power settings and apps running in the background without permission.

Enable adaptive battery saving mode

If you notice a decrease in independence battery In your Android cell phone, it is possible that poorly set settings or applications running in the background without permission, are draining your power.

Identifying and fixing these issues can make a big difference in your battery life.

This simple setting will automatically help conserve battery power, extending the life of your smartphone.

Learn how to activate a simple trick to help battery consumption – Image: Escola Educação/Reproduction

The second strategy involves adjusting the battery consumption of apps individually. Check out the step by step below:

  1. Go to Settings and tap Apps or Applications.
  2. Select an app, and look for the “Battery” or “Battery consumption” option.
  3. Choose battery usage settings such as Unrestricted, Optimized, or Restricted.
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Repeat this process for all installed apps, giving priority to the ones you use most frequently.

By customizing the battery settings for each app, you will immediately notice the difference in power consumption, providing an additional charge and greater autonomy for your device. Android device.