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Neto says Gabigol wants Corinthians and sees a deal as possible

Neto says Gabigol wants Corinthians and sees a deal as possible

At the bottom Flamingo The reserve is under command Titi, Gabigol Her name has been linked to a possible transfer to… Corinth For the year 2024. Last Tuesday (5), grandsonTimau’s idol and presenter Ball ownersfrom Bandeirantes NetworkHe returned to give his opinion on the matter, and said, “Salary is not a problem.”

“And the truth is. It may not be a deal, it’s a matter of money. I did the math. If you pay 1 million for… Renato Augusto1 million LBP Yuri AlbertoIt is better to have Gabigol. Then pay Fabio SantosPay Fausto Vera, generation, Cantelo, Giuliano…So the problem is not the salary.”

“The problem is that Gabigol is leaving, he has another 11 months left on his contract with Flamengo. The broadcaster explained: “Gabigol wants to come, Corinthians wants to come, Flamengo does not want, because Tite does not have a good relationship with him, he will not play.”

For Neto, the signing of Gabigol by Corinthians would bring more than just a simple centre-forward. Moreover, for the presenter, even Yuri Alberto, Corinthians’ main striker, could serve as a “bargaining chip” so that Timão can keep his Flamengo idol.

“When you sign Gabigol, he is not an ordinary player. You are recruiting a goalscorer, a player to be idolized, to compete for titles. How much is this worth? Then I sign Araus(Jonathan) Cavo… $300, so Gabigol’s salary is enough to pay, yes, it is up to Corinthians to understand that.

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“He’s 26 (he’s actually 27), I have a four-year contract, and I doubt he’ll score 100 goals for Corinthians. I give Yuri Alberto, I’ll give you 15 more outfits… Gabigol is already a favorite of Corinthians. There are others who talk…

With some physical problems throughout the season, Gabigol has not started for the Rio team since the first leg of the final. Brazil Cupin a 1-0 defeat against Sao PauloAt the Maracana Stadium on September 17.

For the final round of the Brazilian Championship, which will be against Tricolor do Morumbi, in São Paulo, the striker missed the match due to a muscle problem in his right thigh and was not even on the commitment list. This year, the striker played 58 matches, scoring 20 goals and four assists.

Recently, in an interview with Radio Bandeirantes, Augusto Melo, the new president of Corinthians, said that Gabigol “has the look” of Timao.

“There are many players who are similar to Corinthians. I like many of them, who will wear this shirt very well. Gabigol himself is similar to Corinthians, he is a warrior player, he knows how to score.”

“I’m just giving an example, because he has a contract and a very high salary, but he is a player I like. Sotildo is a very good player, Marcos Leonardo, in short, there are many players we like.” I finish.

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