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Neon abilities are leaking.  Learn more about the character set

Neon abilities are leaking. Learn more about the character set

neon It will be the next agent to be launched in Valorant. Character is one of his novelties Riot Games Getting ready for the fourth episode. The images have already been revealed by the company, and on Thursday (6), the skills were leaked online.

highwayAnd Electric recoil, voltage equipment e overload They are the names of skills in the Portuguese language. Of the set, only the voltaic equipment needs to be purchased and has a fee. Via Expressa costs 300 credits and has a face, while Electric Ricochet can be purchased for 200 credits and costs. To activate the final, you will need 7 orbs.

See the text for each skill below:

  • highway – Shoot two lines of energy on the ground in front of you. The lines extend for a short distance or even reach the surface. They become walls of static electricity, blocking vision and causing damage to enemies who pass through them.
  • electric recoil – Instantly emits an energy beam that bounces once. Upon reaching each surface, the beam electrifies the ground beneath with an explosion.
  • voltaic equipment – Instantly draws neon power to receive increased speed. When full charge is reached, use the secondary mode to start the electric glide. Recharge every two kills.
  • overload – Neon releases all its power and speed for a brief period. Shoot to direct this into a killer electric beam with high precision in motion. Both the term and coupon are reset with every kill.

The expectation, now, is that the 18th minion will arrive in the game after the arrival of Episode 4 of Chapter 1, set to hit FPS starting January 12 this year.

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