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Ameca robot “talking” to the crowd at CES 2022; He watches

Photo: YouTube / clone

The robot Ameca the robot who Spread in 2021 for being real too muchIt’s back in style – this time in style. The robot made its first contact with the public on Thursday (6) Not available at CES 2022, the largest technology fair on the planet.

Those who took part in the event were able to “interact” with Ameca, who reconnected with great kindness and smiles on their faces – really.

In the logs made by visitors, it is possible to see the robot “talking” and pointing to the people in the place. as someone who follows Gizmodo As you know, the resemblance to a human is really impressive. Ameca has teeth, recreating human expressions with unique precision. paying off.

Created by Engineered Arts, this model will serve as a test bed for artificial intelligence and will sell for approximately R$745,000. Despite being very expressive, the robot is still unable to walk. According to the company, the walk is a challenging task, but it is in development plans and could happen soon.

Define a newsletter do Gizmodo

The idea is that the highly realistic robot also works with some kind of signature. Thus, those who do not wish to have a 24 hour Ameca at home can rent the device as needed.

“The cost varies according to the capacities of each unit, but it is more than 100,000 [libras] in the UK,” the responsible company said during a presentation at CES 2022.

First Appearance

a Amika’s first appearance happened a little over a month agoWhen the company showed the world that the machine “wakes up”. The company argues that “Amica is the world’s most advanced humanoid robot.” More advanced, we don’t know. But the most expressive, there is no doubt about it.

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