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The difference in treatment at Sony annoys the manager

The difference in treatment at Sony annoys the manager

Jeff Ross, Former Bend Studio and Director Days gone by, expressed his dissatisfaction with the difference in the company’s treatment of its exclusive offers. After Ghost of Tsushima achieved eight million sales And gaining fame from the Japanese giant, the developer revealed that it wasn’t the same when the studio’s previous work hit its target.

According to Ross, when the adventure of Deacon St. John to this level, and the company’s management perceived the number of similar deals as a “great disappointment”, Bend Studio received no congratulations. On Twitter, he stated that his title has already sold over 9 million units.

When I left Sony, Days Gone had been out for a year and a half (a month earlier) and had sold over eight million copies. Since then it has gone on to sell more, then sell another million on Steam. The local management of the studio has always made us feel that this was a huge disappointment.

Jeff Ross has expressed similar views in more situations. According to him, the sequel to the franchise It was not produced, because “Sony struggles to survive with every generationOthers concerned also referred to the Metacritic Notes. As a parameter when measuring the value of IP.

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Days Gone’s latest update was too big

In October 2021, a powerful patch for Days Gone was released. With about 20 GB, improvements and tweaks have been applied to the game, but no additional content has arrived with the update. See more details!