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Starfield: The “Biggest Update” hits beta next week, with more than 100 improvements

Starfield: The “Biggest Update” hits beta next week, with more than 100 improvements

Bethesda announced the imminent arrival of what it described as “The biggest update” Released so far for Starfield, including More than 100 different improvements and modificationswhich has a release date very soon, is scheduled to be released January 17, 2024 in Beta After two weeks for all players.

This is the beginning of a year that should see constant updates for Starfield, with a major update every 6 weeks, building on the program already announced by the development team which still seems to have hundreds of developers working on the game, as well. For story expansions.

The update in question will contain several fixes that will correct bugs that may prevent progress in some missions, such as the impossibility of laying heirlooms, the impossibility of transferring data, or temples that do not appear in Into the Unknown.

A large part of the modifications must therefore concern progress and inconveniences that may arise with some missions, but there is also no lack of improvements in stability and also a large number of reworks in the graphics.

Other options will also be added, such as support for other widescreen formats and a general improvement in graphics with improved textures, lighting and shadows, which should impact both environments and characters.

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Other modifications will refine other elements of the scenarios: among them a feature that has already caused users to discuss such as the geometry of the planets and their projected shadows, which must now be corrected, as well as adjustments to objects that were not yet accessible. The full official notes will be published next week, coinciding with the release of the beta update on Steam.