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Myra Cardi reveals a problem with her vision and posts a reflection on the matter

Myra Cardi reveals a problem with her vision and posts a reflection on the matter

Digital influencer Mayra Cardi, 38, shared an exacting personal question with her fans, accompanied by a beautiful reflection of faith on the subject. She revealed that she went to an ophthalmologist and was diagnosed with a problem that affects her eyesight.

“I can’t see anything, because I have a ‘serious’ problem.” [seriozinho] insight. I decided to score a very important deal here. I had a vision to share with you,” I began, without giving details of what the disease was and the exact effects it might have.

“God is perfect, isn’t he? When we are children, we see in detail all the features, all the points on the face, all the details of nature… and after you have all that information about this beauty of nature and beauty our brain and our mind as we age we lose some of the That vision and the quality of that vision.”

“You see blurry things, you see them with difficulty, you see them a little less, in proportion to what you need. Why? Because we are getting older. Besides losing a little of that view, there are wrinkles and blemishes, wrinkled skin, our history, our scars, our face falling out.”

God is so perfect that He does not want to grieve our hearts. So it takes that richness of detail from our vision, for example, so you don’t have to see all your new flaws. After all, the suggestion is not to see flaws. The proposal is for you to revise, who knows, seeing your heart.

“See how perfect God is! See how we play into being a god and say ‘I’ll fix the vision,’ that man, that old man who has lost his sight. But if God does it this way – I’m speaking of the natural process, obviously -, the man comes And “He fixes.” And he fixes what? What did God do “wrong”?” asked Myra.

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“God does not make mistakes. God is perfect. We play on being God who makes mistakes. Because then we begin to see what we are not meant to see. We don’t know what to discover: the heart, the senses” Arthur Aguiar ex.