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Influencer Camila Simeone arrested, suspected of assaulting a former employee of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Gerais

Influencer Camila Simeone arrested, suspected of assaulting a former employee of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Gerais

A BH businesswoman and digital influencer reportedly attacked a former employee after questioning the value of the labor agreement (Photo: Reproduo Instagram)

With more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, digital influencer and businesswoman Camila Simeone, 35, was taken to a police station on Tuesday night (9/28) on suspicion of assaulting a former employee with punches, slaps and hair pulls. The incident was recorded in downtown Belo Horizonte, where Camila’s clothing store is located.

Military police identified the victim as 37-year-old Aline Graciel de Souza. She claims that she was beaten by her former boss after she questioned the value of her severance pay.

According to the army, Allen went to the warehouse located in Rua da Bahia on Tuesday afternoon (9/28), after his resignation, to receive the agreement. When checking how much he would get, he warned that the calculations made were incorrect, because they ignored the bonus payment of R$210 related to the sales target achieved in the previous month.

Facing interrogation, Camilla was upset and began to offend the salesman. The assaults described by the prime minister included insults such as “slut”, leg kicks, slaps in the face, scratches on the arms and hair pulling. The store manager had also been involved in the attack.

Allen says she managed to get away from the two and run into the street, where she found a municipal guard car and called for help. He ordered the agents to contact the prime minister. Then the victim went to Praca Roy Barbosa, where he found a garrison.

The police carried out the Camilla Police Station in Planto 2 (Deplan 2), in Bairro Floresta, in Belo Horizonte. In agreement with the civilian police, the influencer was heard, signed a detailed memorandum of conduct (TCO) and then released.

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“too full”

Simeone denies the crime. Police, the influencer said Allen started screaming and hitting herself in order to damage her reputation when she was told she wouldn’t get a commission.

And in a video posted to Instagram, the company’s defense issued a press release accusing Allen of indictment and slander.

“Because of the illegal information taken by the military police, this character, whose name I will not even pronounce, has created stories that will be revealed in the event of possible criminal proceedings. This city will certainly be responsible for the crime of slanderous denunciation ”, says the lawyer in a video.

A few hours after posting, Camila made fun of the situation in her profile stories. “A very complete walk through the streets of Baro Preto.”