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Much has already been announced for the 2024 income tax refund: see all dates!

Much has already been announced for the 2024 income tax refund: see all dates!

The IRS has already announced receipt rules Personal income tax refund 2024. For those who are impatiently waiting, it is worth keeping an eye on payment dates. The IRPF 2024 refund process will be distributed in Five is a lotWhile maintaining the tradition of previous years.

Much has already been announced for the 2024 income tax refund: see all dates!

Taxpayers must realize that IRPF recovery table It follows a well-defined pattern. The IRS prioritizes beneficiaries, considering several criteria.

However, it is important to highlight that those who make errors or inconsistencies in their statements may do so Experience delays in receiving your refundThis makes it necessary to correct these issues to ensure access to payment.

Our expert, Leila Kuniya, has broken down all the details Data that you need to send to the IRS. to know more, click here.

IRPF Recovery Calendar 2024

These were the specific dates for the lottery:

  • The first batch: May 31;
  • The second installment: June 28;
  • third batch: July 31;
  • Fourth batch: August 30;
  • Fifth batch: September 30.

The big change compared to previous years is the reduction in the repayment period from seven to five consecutive months. In addition to, The first payment will be issued on the last day of delivery of the advertisement.

Priority in income tax refund

Some groups benefit from advance payments. The main criteria include, in this order:

  • Who filed the return at the beginning of the deadline (from March 15);
  • Seniors over 80 years of age;
  • Seniors over 60 years of age;
  • A person with a disability or serious illness;
  • Those whose main source of income is teaching;
  • Whoever chooses the pre-filled declaration;
  • Those who have chosen to receive their refund via PIX.
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Tax refund advice

To check if you are included in the refund payments, visit the Federal Revenue Service Consultation is available one week before payment.

  • arrive to Federal Revenue website Click on “My Income Tax”;
  • Now, select “Refund Consultation” and then “Get Started”;
  • Enter: CPF, date of birth and year of sending the document;
  • Find out if you can access payment that month.

Remember that Absence in the batch does not necessarily indicate errors in the advertisementRather, priorities are not arranged according to established criteria.

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