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MP sets new rules for digital SIM

The interim measure edited today changes the rules of the former MP with the aim of providing “greater legal certainty” and correcting potential material errors in the previous provision.

Luciano Nascimento – correspondent for Agência Brasil Agency – Brasilia

Federal government published today (29) Provisional Measure (MP) 1110/22 With new rules for a digital microcredit simplification program for entrepreneurs, otherwise known as a digital SIM. The MP also changes the dates for paying Social Security contributions, such as the Termination Compensation Fund (FGTS).

SIM Digital is a credit offering program for individual entrepreneurs. The interim measure changes the rules of the former MP with the aim of providing “greater legal certainty” and correcting possible material errors in the previous text, “in order to clearly and effectively achieve the intended scope by the digital SIM card and other actions.”

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Among the changes is that commercial portfolios of credit operations contracted through financial institutions participating in SIM Digital will be able to obtain collateral instruments held by escrow funds for microfinance operations. The rules for the use of collateral are subject to the provisions of the Fund’s regulations.

The MP also specifies that neither the shareholder nor his general agents shall be liable for any obligation or potential loss of the guarantee fund, except for the shareholder, to pay the shares he subscribes to.


In connection with the FGTS, the representative provides new dates for paying the work fee, especially for the home business owner. According to the provision, the work fee for which the home business owner is liable to his employee must be charged by the 20th of every month. The salary must be paid only on the seventh day of every month.

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The General Secretariat said, “The issuance of the effects of the new dates for the collection of work fees by the home employer will be effective only on the date of commencing the collection through the provision of digital services to generate relevant evidence.” Presidency.

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Editing: Fernando Fraga