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More than R$4.5 million were dropped from helicopters

More than R$4.5 million were dropped from helicopters

A helicopter dropped nearly a million dollars in an open field. Below, men and women waited for the “rain of bills” and fought to get as much money as they could. This could easily be a scene from a movie or series, but this case actually happened in Lissa nad Labem. The person responsible for the epic spectacle is Kamil Bartosek, a billionaire actor and digital influencer from the Czech Republic.

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The video circulated on social media shows several people in a field, literally waiting for “money to fall from the sky.” In short, this breakthrough happened after the billionaire organized a contest in which participants needed to reveal a code to win a sum of money. prize Which was in the millions.

A contest worth the money

In total, there were more than 20,000 registrants for the proposed billionaire contest; However, participation was not free. Interested parties paid a registration fee of €50. Since no one registered could crack the game’s puzzle, the influencer decided to get creative. In short, send an email to all candidates asking them to go to an open field, because the award is for Game.

According to Bartosek, who is also a cryptocurrency and technology investor, the main goal was specifically to encourage interest in the topic, and to promote the financial education of participants.

The dynamics of the “rain of money” were not revealed to the general public until after it had actually happened. In a post on Social mediaBartosek explained: “So the money rain has already happened? What do you think?” Finally, the influencer explained that the amount raised from the recordings already has a specific destination: charities in his country. Watch the full “Money Rain” video: