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More than half of the population has already been vaccinated, and the corona virus infection is declining in Israel.

MDI reported on Monday that the corona virus outbreak in Israel has dropped significantly following the world’s leading vaccination, according to a local media report.

Of the 47,986 corona virus tests on Sunday, only 669 were positive, up 1.5 percent. Most recently, a similarly low number was measured in mid-November, just before the third wave of Israeli appearances.

The infection rate of the virus, R, is currently estimated by the Ministry of Health in Israel to be 0.62, which means a reduction in the number of infections per 100 virus carriers, reaching just 62.

Nachman Ass, The state coroner responsible for the coronavirus virus, warned against growing data, stressing the importance of wearing a mask and keeping a distance, especially since there will be mass events in Israel in the future: Tuesday’s parliamentary elections, followed by the eighth Passover and Muslim Ramadan day.

Increasingly positive numbers have been achieved through the rapid and effective vaccination campaign, with nearly 9.4 million people in Israel, 5.2 million already vaccinated with 9.7 million doses and 4.3 million already using a “green” passport. Eligible ones, i.e. those who were vaccinated a second time at least two weeks in advance.

On Sunday, 12,730 Israelis were vaccinated for the first time and 39,192 were vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. In the vaccination campaign that began on December 20, 5,175,980 (55.66 per cent of the country’s population) have so far received the first dose, while 4,563,045 have received the second dose.

Currently, the Ministry of Health has reported 15,765 active infections, of which 816 have been hospitalized with corona virus complications, 529 of which are severe cases and 211 in need of a ventilator. Since the SARS-CoV-2 virus, 6,098 people have died in Israel since February last year.