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More than 85% of professionals change jobs for a home office, survey |  Work and career

More than 85% of professionals change jobs for a home office, survey | Work and career

Most say the quality of life is better with telecommuting. – Image: Christian Tarzi/Unsplash

If they receive a job offer with more days in home office In a week, 85.3% of Brazilian professionals would accept a job change.

Data is from a survey conducted between April and May 2023 by Infojobs and Top RH Group. 1,008 workers were heard from across the country.

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For 64.4% of those who left remote work and returned to face-to-face work, the quality of life Things got worse with the new displacement routine.

Only 14.2% said their quality of life had improved upon return, while 21.5% did not feel any changes.

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Of the workers who were called to their headquarters, 78.5% reported that the companies had not consulted them about the change. However, 73.9% reported that the HR department did not put in place engagement procedures for returns.

Of those interviewed, 47.2% work fully face-to-face, while 33.2% have the option of the hybrid format and 19.5% remain in the remote model. Most of the respondents (65.4%) live in southeastern Brazil and are between 35 and 44 years old (34.7%) or between 25 and 35 years old (28.4%).

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