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Learn how to turn your smartphone on and off without touching buttons

Learn how to turn your smartphone on and off without touching buttons

Smartphones are not just communication devices: they have become essential companions capable of carrying out various tasks in our daily lives.

With each new launch, these devices gain new features and increase the possibilities of use.

Among the many hidden tricks, did you know that it is possible to turn your Android phone on and off without having to press any buttons?

Few people know about this feature called “second touch on and off”. If you are interested in knowing how to activate this option, then continue reading and we will show you all the details below.

Turn the phone on and off by just touching the screen

Please note that this option is not available on all smartphone models and the activation process may vary. However, it is worth a try.

To activate this feature, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open your smartphone settings. How to find it may vary by model;
  2. In the case of Xiaomi phones, go to “Always on display and lock screen” and find “Double tap to activate or deactivate”. Do that, he will be ready;
  3. For Samsung devices, users have to access ‘Advanced functions’ and then ‘Motions and gestures’. Activate the double tap function to turn the screen on and off.

Easy right?

Job location

It is important to remember that the location of this option may differ between devices and their operating systems. So if you run into difficulties, search with keywords like “double-tap”, for example. If you can’t, try to find other similar terms.

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If your device does not have this function, there are applications available in the official stores that offer the same possibility, such as “Double Tap”, for example.

Take advantage of the tricks hidden in your mobile phone and discover all the features it can offer with a single tap on the screen.