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More than 50 countries will have elections in 2024;  Know which ones to monitor

More than 50 countries will have elections in 2024; Know which ones to monitor

More than 50 countries will have elections in 2024. In Brazil, we will go to the polls in municipal elections, but major world powers like the United States, United Kingdom, Russia and India will define the presidents in the coming years. Others, such as Taiwan, Pakistan and El Salvador, have not received much attention but demand attention because of the consequences around the world.

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It's the key election of 2024 and the incumbent president, Democrat Joe Biden, will once again face off against Republican Donald Trump. Re-contesting the race that picked Biden in 2020 is unlikely because Trump faces four criminal charges that could put him out of the race. The trial of one of them will take place in March in Washington and the former president will answer to the crime of conspiracy against the United States for questioning the results of the last election. Two states, Maine and Blaise, have already banned Trump's name from appearing on the ballot. The businessman's defense has appealed and the final decision will be taken by the country's Supreme Court. Elections will be held in November.


The name chosen by the Russians in March will be very predictable. Vladimir Putin faces only symbolic opposition in his run for a fifth term. The current president's main rivals have been jailed, exiled or disqualified.


Another marked card is in India. Narendra Modi is expected to take office as Prime Minister for the third consecutive term. Modi, a member of the right-wing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, is seen by supporters as the man who freed the country from corruption and turned it into a global power. Opponents criticize attacks on press and freedom of expression and attacks on minority groups.

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In the United Kingdom we would have a dispute. Labor is trying to wrest power back from the hands of the Speakers after 14 years. Polls suggest this could happen after the tumultuous years since Britain left the European Union in 2016.

European Parliament

It's not an executive election, but it's good to keep an eye on it. The European Parliament will be renewed with candidates from the 27 countries that make up the EU. Mujtaba Rahman of the Eurasia Group, a political consultancy, does not believe in a populist majority in the assembly, but “the Center will lose ground compared to the last vote” in 2019.


At first glance, this is an election that won't cause a huge stir around the world, but depending on the results, it could affect global geopolitics. The controversy is already limited to next Saturday (13). Surveyor General William Loy promised to strengthen the island's security. His potential victory increases tensions with China, which has not ruled out using military force to annex the region. The US follows suit by supplying the country with arms.


Mexico may elect a woman president as early as June. Former Mexico City mayor Claudia Scheinbaum and opposition senator Xóchitl Gálvez are leading the race.

El Salvador

El Salvador's Supreme Court has allowed incumbent President Nayeb Bugele to run for re-election despite the country's constitutional ban on serving two consecutive terms. After using violent repression against street gangs, Buckel controls the Supreme Court and enjoys broad popular support.


Indonesia, Southeast Asia's largest democracy, will elect a successor to President Joko Widodo on February 14. Opinion polls show a tight race between incumbent Defense Minister and right-wing nationalist Prabowo Subianto and former Central Java Governor Kanjar Pranovo.

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In Pakistan, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was allowed to contest after corruption charges were dropped. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested and barred from contesting. The referendum, scheduled for February 8, could be postponed further due to heightened tensions with neighboring Afghanistan.


Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina won the fourth term last Monday (08). She is considered the world's oldest female leader.

South Africa

South Africa's Legislative Assembly elections could be a challenge for President Cyril Ramaphosa. His party is losing strength in parliament, and if support falls below 50%, he will have to form a coalition to secure a new mandate for him.

South Sudan

South Sudan, the world's newest country, plans to hold its first elections in December. Although representing a milestone, the election is fraught with risks and vulnerabilities.

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