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A trillion dollar budget for 2024 has been approved by the US Congress

A trillion dollar budget for 2024 has been approved by the US Congress

After intense negotiations between the United States federal administration and Republican members of Congress, the US Congress has approved a total budget of nearly 1.6 trillion US dollars for fiscal year 2024. US House Speaker Mike Johnson announced last Monday, January 7th.

According to the President of the Chamber, the approved amount is in accordance with the statutory provisions of the Fiscal Responsibility Act and is distributed as follows: US$886 billion earmarked for defense and US$704 billion earmarked for non-defense related areas.

The specifics of this allocation of funds will be determined in 12 different programs, each of which is responsible for ensuring the functioning of a specific department of the government.

Congress faces critical deadlines to approve these plans, the first on January 19 and the second on February 2.

US President Joe Biden praised the agreement reached by Congress, highlighting that it avoids a possible government shutdown, which he said was “unnecessary”.

Approval of the 2024 budget is considered a major milestone in the continued operation and legislative process of the US federal government.


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