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Moraes authorizes sending Salas cell phone to US so PF can access data | Politics

Minister Alexandre de Moraes of the Federal Supreme Court has authorized the sending of a cell phone donated by former Secretary of State Ricardo Sales to the United States Federal Police.

TV Globo learned that Moraes’ decision was made last week and that the device should be unlocked so that it can be unlocked and investigators have access to the data.

The former minister took 19 days to hand over the phone to the authorities, but when he did, he did not send the password to access it.

Salles resigned on Wednesday (23) following two investigations into alleged involvement in an illegal timber project on Amazon.

In May, Moraes P.F. was arrested on suspicion of facilitating the illegal export of timber from Brazil to the United States and Europe.

At the time, PF agents said police had asked for a cell phone, and the minister said he did not have the device. On the same day, when he went to ask the PF supervisor for information about the investigation, Salles did not even show his cell phone.

The cell phone was delivered in June, but without an access password. In a document sent to the Supreme Court, Salles’ attorneys said it took so long to deliver the device to federal police because it was not requested on the day of the Aquandupa operation.

PF seeks the assistance of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to unlock the device because the agency has the necessary procedures for this operation.

The extraction and analysis of the data will be opened by the Brazilian authorities.

The minister concluded that the conduct of the former minister who did not co-operate in the investigation required cooperation with the United States.

“The resolution now petitioned by the Federal Police is a compelling measure, considering that the telephone cell does not provide any additional information – especially information about the access password – that would effectively co-operate with the investigation,” the minister wrote.

In addition to electronic letters, Moraes also determined that the Ministry of the Environment will immediately provide any cell phones that are authorized, cellular, used or used, including the history of the messages exchanged, as well as access to the data on the alleged devices.

According to Moraes, “Access to the cell phone content provided by Ricardo de Aquino Sales, who is being investigated, is essential for the regular progress of the investigation, especially as the data obtained may be of fundamental importance, especially with the materials to be brought in. Due to previous results provided to the file”.

Another concern about Sallas is that investigators have advanced on financial movements. After the breach of confidentiality, the financial institutions began to send details of the actions taken by the Minister’s law firm.

The transaction will take place between October 2019 and April 2020, according to the Anti-Money Laundering Agency.

In communications, Koff said the movement clashes with the historical profile of activities and has apparently attracted a significant amount of attention.

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