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US and Italy discuss green investment in Ukraine and employment - international

The United States and Germany promise a ‘common front’ against Russian ‘provocations’ – internationally

The United States and Germany pledged to form a “common front” against “Russian provocation in Ukraine” this Wednesday (23) in an attempt to resolve their dispute over the North Stream 2 pipeline connection ahead of President Angela Merkel’s visit to the White House.

“Germany and the United States will form a common front against any dangerous or provocative action by Russia, either by occupying the territory of Ukraine or by” arresting (Russian opposition leader) Alexei Navalny, Democrats with misinformation, “said US Secretary of State Anthony Birling and his counterpart in Berlin on Wednesday. Announced with Mass.

As for the North Stream 2 gas pipeline project, the controversial project that has created tensions between Washington and Berlin, the head of US diplomacy, who is on his first trip to Europe, has reiterated his rejection of his country’s construction, but has expressed hope that an agreement can be reached with German officials.

The pipeline will make it possible to double Russian gas supplies to Germany.

“We are confident that we can get something positive out of a difficult situation that we have inherited,” Blingen said, adding that “Europe’s energy security wants to do everything possible to come to an uncompromising conclusion.”

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