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Meghan and Harry to return to UK to meet royals – Brazil and world news live

Meghan and Harry to return to UK to meet royals – Brazil and world news live

Meghan is reportedly considering returning to the UK with her husband Prince Harry. Recent rumors suggest the royal couple are discussing the possibility of a trip to the United Kingdom for an official dedication to the Duke-created Invictus Games in 2014, a trip expected to take place in May.

It marks their return to the United States after stepping back from royal duties. Speculation surrounding this potential trip has fueled the media and generated great public interest, particularly given the previous tensions and controversies surrounding the couple and their relationship with the British Royal Family.

Duality between couples

Royal expert Robert Fitzwilliams spoke about Meghan's arrival “If he is confirmed to be back, there will be a lot of negative publicity because of the way he has behaved in the last four years.”, warned that. This comment is based on recent events, Willian and Kate invited the couple to take their son-in-law to England, however, Meghan declined the invitation. Until then, Meghan has resisted severing ties with the royal family, while the Duke of Sussex has shown interest in reuniting with the family due to the already delicate moment.

Prince Harry and Meghan at an event (Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images/
Joshua Summer

Harmony in the family

The return was prompted by the announcement of cancer by King Charles III and Kate Middleton. Harry, who was very close to his sister-in-law before ditching her, plans to reconcile with the Princess of Wales after the family's private revelations.

Fitzwilliams, still done. “It shouldn't be a problem. Planning should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Of course, any couple travel [Harry e Meghan] This poses risks, but this issue should not be used as an excuse not to visit the UK. He finished.

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