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Harry and Meghan are eyeing a return to the UK for the Invictus Games

Harry and Meghan are eyeing a return to the UK for the Invictus Games

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan plan to return to England in May Invictus Games, an event created by Duke in 2014 for military personnel injured or ill while on duty. The royal couple's return to the country where they have relinquished their monarchical duties in 2020 is a cause for potential speculation and public interest, particularly given the fragile health of Prince Charles III and the recent call from William and Kate Middleton. Nephews to England.

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Harry and Meghan Markle during the Invictus Düsseldorf 2023 Games (Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images embed)

speculations and concerns

According to sources close to the couple, Harry has expressed a desire to reunite with his family at this crucial time, especially given his father's battle with cancer. However, Meghan Markle has been more reluctant to return, citing concerns about her safety and experiences of racism in the country.

Royal family expert Robert Fitzwilliams warns there could be negative consequences if Meghan decides to join her husband on the trip. He points out that the Duchess of Sussex has faced criticism in recent years due to her behavior and the polarization surrounding her image. However, Megan's safety should not be a hindrance to travel, and security measures can be adjusted if necessary.

“The Good Son Returns Home”

Since his abdication, Harry has maintained a close relationship with the royal family, particularly his sister-in-law Kate Middleton. However, the private revelations made by the prince have put Buckingham Palace on alert, as it steers clear of key matters related to the monarchy.

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Harry and Meghan's return to the UK will be an opportunity to rebuild ties with the royal family and the British public. The possibility of the couple's children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, joining the trip is also being discussed, with the aim of strengthening family ties. However, the final result depends on Megan's participation in the journey.

Featured photo: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Reproduction/Chris Jackson/Getty Images embed)