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MCTI co-delivers Chief of Army Science and Technology

MCTI co-delivers Chief of Army Science and Technology

On Wednesday (12), the Interim Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Luis Fernandez, took part in the ceremony of transferring the position of Head of the Army’s Science and Technology Department from General Guido Amin Naves to General Achille. Forlan Neto. Fernandez’s involvement deepens the partnership between MCTI and the Army in science and technology.

MCTI has a long history of cooperation with the Armed Forces and the Army in particular. Luis Fernandez explained that we are united by commitment in the structure of the defense technological industrial complex, which is fundamental to the defense of the country and the promotion of national development. “The structuring of the complex requires strong cooperation between the two institutions, not only exploring defense but also other challenging areas for the country, such as the sustainable development of the Amazon,” he added.

Throughout the ceremony, Major General Amin cited the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and Finep as partner bodies of the Army. On the other hand, General Achille Forlán Neto confirmed his commitment to this cooperation.

“The partnership will always be as productive as possible. The country of Brazil deserves to be at the forefront of technology. I am very excited about this mission,” he said.

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