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Help me cure cancer

Hi guys my name is nycolle I’m 9 years old and I’m going to tell you a little bit about my story on 10/25/2022 I was having a little party at my school it was a very fun day with my little friends. I went to play in the pee mechanic so far everything was fine when I got my turn to climb I installed the boy game I was going to run when I fell my legs were swollen at the time my teacher took me to Getulio Vargas Hospital in between I had orthopedics x-rayed and she told me My grandmother that there was no fracture, the medication had just been prescribed, we came home a few weeks later, my left thigh was getting swollen and my mother was starting to swell. Concerned because I was in a lot of pain, we went back again only this time we went to the family clinic attended by Dr. Gabriel and I took another x-ray on this which he saw in addition to the fracture in the left leg there was a callus bone formation. During this time my mom started to get worried, took all of my exams and took her to the doctor where she works. With her help, I was able to get me to the cancer hospital. Low-profile osteosarcoma over there started a fight with my mother. We are doing this vakinha to help us with evictions my mom is single for her it is very hard to work more for her salary and a little bit for eviction from home and pay transportation to pick me up and pick me up from doctor so she had the idea of ​​creating this vakinha to help us and all help would be welcome.

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