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MC Bin Laden makes a bold proposal to Giovanna after BBB 24

MC Bin Laden makes a bold proposal to Giovanna after BBB 24

Lying in Vada's room with Giovanna, MC Bin Laden performed for his sister in the early hours of Wednesday (3) in BP24.

“I know I'm leaving and I'm leaving two amazing people here,” the singer says.

“It's that station, right… I'm glad we solved the problem,” the sister pointed out

“Me too. We will also see each other abroad,” highlights the artist.

The girl from Minas Gerais comments: “Yes sir. I will ship. I want a show there in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

At this time, Ben calls a nutritionist. “Let's have dinner, eat something, have some wine, watch a series, watch a movie…”

“A series? No, for God’s sake,” says Giovanna. “Movie, movie. You will meet cats…”, highlights the artist, who is the keeper of the cats Polulu and Moasis. The girl from Minas Gerais also has pet cats.

Giovanna's mother analyzes the relationship

Businesswoman Simone Lima, mother of Giovanna, from BP24had an exclusive conversation with Itataia And talk about His daughter's relationship with MC Bin Laden In the most watched house in the country.

The sister was born in Belo Horizonte and lives in Contagem with her mother, her dog and two cats she rescued from the street.

Within three days of the program The miner broke a bone in her foot Within weeks, he was engaged to one of the brothers. The two kissed at a party on the show, broke up, disbanded, and have since maintained a closer relationship in the house.

Asked if she approved of her daughter's relationship, the businesswoman commented: “Honestly, I really don't know if that will get in the way, and if that will help, then let's wait.” She prefers not to name the relationship, as they are just staying at home.

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Giovanna's relationship with bin Laden was completely outside her plans, and Simone explains why. “At first, she said she was going to play and be on the show, but you never know.”

If she could give her daughter any advice about the reality show, she would issue a warning. She says: “Pay more attention to people's attitudes, because attitudes speak for themselves.” The report insists on knowing who these people will be, but it prefers not to mention their names.

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