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Matteusinho has a fractured tibia in his left leg and will be out for Flamengo | Flamingo

Having moved on already at the 33rd of the second half, the side tried to stay on the field, but could not stand it and gave way to Matheus França. Coach Vitor Pereira said in a press conference that after the match the player went to the hospital to undergo tests. David Luiz even accompanied the ward to the hospital.

Flamengo 3 x 2 Vasco – Highlights – Semi-finals of the 2023 Carioca Championship

In response to a question about the position of the right-back, the Portuguese said that the player felt a problem in the leg. The bones in the tibia region are the second largest in the human body and are involved in maintaining the weight of the leg.

Vitor Pereira said: – Matheusinho had severe trauma to his tibia and he’s going to do an x-ray to see how serious it is.

In the show, the player went to deflect a ball that was hit by Figueiredo, but ended up getting the worst of it tackling Vasco striker. It is worth noting that file Flamingo He has not yet taken an official position on Matthewsinho’s injury.

Mateusinho and Lucas Biton battle it out for the ball at Flamengo x Vasco – Photo: Andre Durao

Vitor Pereira also commented on the condition of Varela, another injured player. Even the Uruguay embezzled Flamingo In today’s match and in the Guanabara Cup final against Fluminense.

– Varela has a muscular problem, in the pubis, we’ll have a few days and find a solution to play on the right side.

And with Monday’s win, a tie in the second leg already guarantees the team a place in the state final. Rubro Negro faces Vasco again next Sunday, at 6pm, in the Maracanã. But this time, the lead in the match will be the challenger.

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